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What is your primary investment goal?
Income: I want my investment to generate an income
Growth: I want my investment to grow in value but don't need an income from it in the meantime
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What else are you looking for in your investment?
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I am not interested in funds with private asset exposure
This will restrict your results to trusts which do not have exposure to unlisted assets. Unlisted assets do not have a live market price and so there is more uncertainty around their valuation. They also may be harder for the trust's managers to sell. However, lots of companies - especially those at an early stage and often in high-growth sectors like technology - are not listed, and so you will not see trusts which own these assets if you select this filter.
I want a fund that also provides an income
By selecting this filter, you will see funds which prioritize capital growth but also either have an income objective or provide a considerable income as a by-product of their investment strategy.
I am interested in funds which invest in:
Small Companies
Medium Companies
Large Companies
Smaller companies are generally perceived as being riskier than their larger counterparts, but are also generally considered to offer better potential for long-term growth (they have more growing to do - all things being equal). Larger companies are widely considered to be more resilient during tougher market conditions, as they have a larger capital base to rely on for support and may also have more diviersified operations and revenue streams.
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What else are you looking for in your investment?
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I am only interested in funds which have a long track record of paying dividends which increase every year
This filter will focus your search on funds which have grown their dividend every year for the last ten years and are, in our view, unlikely to allow that track record to be blemished by a dividend cut unless exposed to exceptional circumstances.
Include trusts which pay an income from capital
Some trusts pay out a portion of the capital growth that their underlying portfolio generates as a dividend to their shareholders. This reduces the trust's potential for capital growth, but means they are able to generate an income via a portfolio of companies which do not themselves necessarily pay a dividend and this income is not necessarily correlated to mainstream sources of dividend income.
I would like my investment to:
Generate the highest possible income from day one
This will filter your search to funds which invest in equities which pay higher dividends or to those which invest in higher yielding assets such as bonds or alternatives. In both cases the trusts may borrow to invest more and generate a higher yield.
Increase in value, and deliver a rising income over time
Choosing this option will narrow your search to funds which we think are likely to invest in companies which are still growing. These companies may have a lower dividend than their more established counterparts, but as they grow the capital value of your investment should grow with them, and in the meantime they should generate an income which also grows over time.